Monday, January 30, 2017

Wk 1 HW - Clip review

Here's one of my favorite clips from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
Edgar Wright is one of my favorite directors and in general I enjoy anything he's had a hand in making.

Open WS. (Establishing)

Every cut gets closer and closer building tension and singling out important characters.

Screen direction followed - screen left is the good team (Scott’s group), screen right opponents (Envy’s group)

Camera moves are motivated (holds on Ramona and tracks following her to reveal Scott as she leans in).

Camera slowly pushes in to add more tension.

Tertiary characters (Knives and Julie) almost always centered or face camera straight on. (Avoid both screen directions)

Good rhythm/flow is seen when Knives gets punched and camera mimics her movements followed by Scott’s reaction movements.
Knives’s body (as it falls to the ground) is also used as a wipe between cuts.

The line gets crossed after Todd punches Knives (both in camera as it is in story). 

All this sets the stage for the action that’s moments away from beginning. 

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