Monday, January 30, 2017

Kenny Vo Wk 1 HW

Favorite Clip

Rough Script

Ext. Forest exit

-          silhouetted Legs slowly trudging along
-          panting and groans coming from person
-          POV, camera swings up and we see light coming through the trees showing an exit
-          shakey cam till light blows everything out and blinds us

Ext. Outside of Villiage

-          Camera is behind a beat up tired character. Scratched and bruised
-          The character runs off towards the villiage
Ext. Inside Village
-          Bells start to ring at the village and camera is POV of a villager getting ready to fight off the character
-          Inserts of people grabbing weapons , getting ready at their posts and fortifying walls

Ext. Outside Villiage

-          Man Running at the village in a semi animalistic way
-          Traps spring up but aren’t able to stop the man
-          Man gets to the villiage gate and is about to knock on the gate but is blind sided by a trap that was already set up
-          Villagers approaching man with weapons pointed at him
-          First shot of characters face with an innocent grin putting his hands up.
-          Camera rotates to reveal that he is actually hanging upside down caught in a trap

-          Rumbling comes from characters stomach and he faints from hunger

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