Monday, January 30, 2017

Assignment 1: Jo

Part 1: Clip Review

The opening sequence from the Little Witch Academia OVA (the first one and I am still salty that the series is only released on Netflix Japan.)

(I could only find the opening sequence in I think this is Portuguese, maybe it's Spanish? )

I love this scene because I think it captivates the audiences attention to figure out what will happen next, and its really cute with a mix of PG-rate action. Oh yeah! 

The scene begins with (tilts down/ pans down/tracks down) of the stage to the crowd establishing the shot until we get eye-level.

0:13  MLS? At almost the center of the shot you see a character who is in a different color scheme than the other characters (later you find out that she is the rival of the main characters FORESHADOWING YAY!)

0:17 MS of the main character Atsuko as a child. The shot stays for a while longer to establish oh yeah this is a character, probably a main character. You see that she sees something to the left.

0:20 It cuts to a different scene as an LS. There is a star twinkling from a far.

0:23 It goes back to the main characters face and like she goes "oh shit what"

0:24 Cuts back to the stars and then you realize oh crap there are more stars! Then it cuts back to the main characters and then shes like oh shit what! and they move which makes you realize well shit is going to go down because either those are not stars or they are meteorites going to destroy the world. 

0:28 Scene cuts to the stars and they move towards the stage going back to what was established in the beginning of the scene.

0:31 Cuts to the inside of the stage because we followed the stars towards this rod and pans upward so we see the whole staff/rod. 

0:31 Goes back to the girl and she's happy so that indicates oh so they aren't going to die but that this part of the show.

0:31 Cuts back to the staff going all sparkly and supernatural lights. Then through an ms/cowboy shot the witch emerges.

0:44 Cuts to her landing and reveals her face with a close up shot.  Then we pan out as she announces who she is and we the crowd and their cheers

0:53 She does some more magic things and see the crowd we the girl all excited.

0:55 The staff was in the air is caught. In a MLS we see fancy moves and flaring magic rays.  We cut to the crowd where they go "ooohhh" as we follow the light rays

1:07 and then we track to these awesome magic light energy gates emerging 

1:12 the camera/shots follow her magic and leads to the crowns

1:17 cuts to the main character as she hears a growling noise

1:20 cuts to a shot where we see the monster

1:25 LS we see the monster and its giant. We then go back to the mian characters to see her reactions.

Then an epic battle ensues for the majority of the rest of the sequence where we follow the witches magic and monster through back and forth cuts to its defeat

It ends with an extreme close up of the main character revealing the reflection of the magic witch within her eyes!

Part 2: Description of scenario where main characters is revealed

Intro Scenario of Main Character

            It's late afternoon and there is a slightly run down house that seems to be abandoned and someone is humming. Through the kitchen door way leading outside you see the back of a squatting figure rummaging through something.   The "boy" is shoving bones into a back in a obliviously clumsy fashion and on the back of the backpack in the lower right corner the viewer/you see a letter "O" while the other letters are still hidden.

            The scene cuts to a long road in a somewhat desolate desert scene.  The bus is old and makes nerve-wracking noises. The boy is waiting for bus at the bus stop. The bus stops and after a few seconds the door opens with a loud whoosh and exhaust fumes flare out. The bus driver is a ugly goblin decked out in union bus uniform and he has one glowing eye and a mullet. The boy enters the bus and hands his ticket to the driver before heading towards the end of the bus. The bus driver looks at the ticket and taken a back before loudly asking the boy where he is going.
The boy slows down and turns his head, we see his face, and responds, "Home." before turning and his full body is revealed. 

There is an outline of what kind of shots might be used but I need to reword it


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